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01 Microphone / 01 RecordingAnalog Microphone / 5 Samson C02 Condenser Microphone

Price : 750.000,00 IDR

ViscoShop menawarkan microphone Condensor utk kebutuhan recording maupun live performace, baik profesional maupun home recording.

Dijual per buah microphone CO2.
Item dalam box :
1 x mic co2 samson
1 x microphone holder

Samson CO2 - included hardcase, microphone horlder dan busa pop filter
Sangat cocok utk digunakan recording instrument, spt piano, perkusi, Accoustic Guitar, Overhead Drum kit, Hi Hat, cymbal.

The Samson C02 utilizes state-of-the-art microphone technology and is
engineered to the finest detail. Here are some of its main features:

• Extended range frequency response for optimum reproduction and
exceptionally clear, crisp sound with great transient response.
• Ultra sensitive, low mass element picks up all of the nuances of any perform-ance.
• Tight cardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback problems and effectively
rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule.
• Withstands high SPLs, lending itself to a wide range of miking
• Special shock-mounted mic holder is included to minimize noise and provide
additional protection.
• Rugged brass case ensures reliable performance in even the most demand-ing environments.
• The included foam wind screen can be fitted to greatly reduce wind noise
when used in an outdoor environment, or for reducing “P Popping” in vocal
• Lightweight and compact, the C02 can be mounted on any standard
microphone stand using the included shock-mounted mic clip.
• Included foam-lined impact resistant carrying case for convenience when
transporting three C02 microphones from venue to venue.
• Gold plated XLR Connector.

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